The FCD Process-for Merchant Accounts and Financial Services Approval


Introduction, Plan and Approval Proces

Initial Wants and Needs assessment.  Strategize and develop plan. Match with best suited Providers.  Application submission  to underwriters for final approval and acceptance for your new Merchant Account established at the Acquiring / Provider bank.


Installation and Training

Once your Merchant Account is approved,  FCD provides the equipment components and training needed to access the differing services and solutions you've chosen.  EDC Terminals, POS Systems, Virtual Terminals & Gateways, ATM / ADM / POB systems


Daily Operations....Making Money...Getting Paid

Once operational, your incoming sales proceeds are electronically deposited into your designated  bank account.  You will have 24/7 access to Tech & Customer Support and online access to your Merchant Account processing activity and receive a monthly activity statement


Business Capital Access

Capital for Growth *** Financing Sales

The American Business of Today faces problems in deciphering the best practices in payment processing and access to ready and available capital financing and customer financing solutions when the needs arise.

FCD exists to provide you the financial services and capital solutions you desire to take your operation to the Next Level.  Everybody  Wins !

We are aligned with Institutional and 3rd Party Lenders and Providers who take an "Out of the Box - Can Do" approach in providing access to their programs.  For both the Prime and Sub-Prime client and his customer base.  Both FCD and our Affiliate Providers want to say "YES" to your ideas and needs

If you are in the market for capital to grow your business, or, are interested in providing Vendor Financing to offer your customers....we have multiple solutions available, and are more than open to working with you to design the best solutions possible.

We invite you to contact us.  You'll quickly discover that We're on Your Side, and are completely committed to helping you discover and secure the best solutions to meet your needs !

Check Us Out

FCD is relationship oriented and "You Centric" in our approach to business.

Take a moment and shoot us a memo or give us a phone call and lets discuss your Capital and Financing ideas and needs.