Merchant Accounts for Traditional & High Risk Clients

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FCD is an Independent, Non-Captive  ISO/MSP and Program Developer / Consultant,  providing Merchant Accounts in the Payments Processing industry,  ATM Industry and the Capital Access market space. 

In these capacities, we are more flexible in custom designing  our solutions to Merchant Specific wants and needs.  We bring over 35 years experience in offering our solutions to the traditional,  as well as the hard to place,  'High Risk / Restricted'  business merchant.  

 In the Payments Space, we are registered and affiliated with multiple Acquirer / Provider Banks, Transaction Processing Networks, Payment Providers and Associations.   

In the Capital Access Space, we are affiliated with both Institutional and Alternative Lenders.

  • Credit, Debit, Business, Fleet and Gift Card  processing
  • ACH / EFT/ Check Processing
  • ATM / ADM / POB, PIN-based  Consumer Cash Access
  • Brick & Mortar,  Mobile and Internet / E-Commerce Merchants
  • Business Capital Access for your growth
  • Vendor Financing programs to offer your customers

Our focus and approach is strictly  " YOU Centric ", in establishing the best suited group of providers, for your operation.  Let FCD  custom design and adapt, a set of Payments Processing or Business / Customer Capital Financing Solutions addressing   your specific business needs.

We are here to HELP YOU get what YOU Want, and provide you the Winning Solutions.

FCD's "You Centric" Business Approach


 You know your business. You know where you want to go  Our job is to help you get there by providing the best solutions to speed the process. As an Independent, non-captive agent, FCD matches your specific needs to the abilities and provisions we offer via our broad network of affiliate providers.

Relationship Sanctity / Committment to Service


 At FCD, relationships matter. Building the most effective Payments Processing and Capital Access strategy starts with an excellent client / provider ‘win–win’ relationship. This is crucial to our mutual success. Contact us today to find out how we can suggest long and short term strategies custom designed to meet your specific goals.

Merchant Accounts for High Risk Clients

CBD Oil - Cannabidiol


Merchant Accounts for Bankcard, Debit, PIN Debit, ATM, ADM and POB

Some restrictions apply

Cannabis -MMJ-Recreational


Medical Marijuana  Merchant Accounts for bankcard, Debit, PIN Debit, ATM, ADM and POB.

Some restrictions apply

Hemp Oil


Hemp Oil Merchant Accounts for bankcard, Debit, PIN Debit, ATM, ADM and POB.  

Some restrictions apply

Money Services Business - Alternative Financial Services


Merchant accounts for bankcard, Debit, PIN Debit, ACH, ATM, ADM , POB

Travel Agents


Merchant Accounts for the Travel Industry.

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At FCD we are relationship oriented and YOU Centric.  Give us a call and let us help you to meet your payment processing needs.

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·   Auto Transport Companies 

·  Antiques

· Auction Houses

· Auto Transport Companies

· Adult Merchant Services

· Adult sites & Products

· Bad Credit Merchant's

· Bitcoin Merchant's

· Bail Bondsmen

· Barter Associations

· CBD & HEMP Oil Merchant Accounts

· Cellular Phones

· Charities

· Coins / Stamps / Collectible Dealers

· Computer

· Coupons / Certificates / Prepaid or Gift Cards

· Custom Golf Clubs

· Custom Made Products

· Dating Services

· Diet Programs

· Discount Buying Clubs

· Door to Door Sales

· Electronics

· Financial Aid / Counseling

· Financial Consultants

· Flea Markets / Kiosks

· Fortune Tellers

· Free or Low Cost Purchase Incentives

FCD has you covered

· Fulfillment Centers

· Furniture

· Gambling

· Gambling Advice

· General Agents / Brokers

· Health and Sports Clubs Memberships

· Home Furnishings

· Home Shopping Clubs

· Home-Based Business

· How-To-Books, Newsletters, Subscriptions etc.

· Hard to Place Merchant's

· Inbound Telemarketing

· Insurance Agents / Brokers

· internet / e-commerce start up

· Media and Entertainment

· Mining

· Petroleum & Chemicals

· Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

· Real Estate

· Retail Merchant's

· Telecommunications

· Transportation Internet / eCommerce Start-Ups

· Investment Programs / Opportunities / Seminars

· Limousines / Taxis

· Magazine Subscriptions

· Mail/Telephone Order (MOTO)

· Miscellaneous Education

· MMJ Merchant Accounts


Domestic and Foreign Placement


· Modeling Agencies

· Moving Companies

· Nutraceuticals

· Outbound Telemarketing

· Pawnbrokers & Pawn Shops

· Payment Facilitators Third-Party

· Pseudo-Pharmaceuticals

· Pyramid or MLM Distribution

· pharmacy merchants

· Real Estate

· Real Estate Agents / Brokers / Property Sales

· Real Estate Investment Education

· Shippers / Forwarding Brokers and Motor Freight Carriers

· Sports Forecasting or Odds Marketing

· Sunglasses

· TMF Merchant's

· Tanning Salons

· Telephone PrePaid Cards

· Theatre / Concerts

· Ticket Brokers

· Timeshare & Advertising

· Tour Operators

· Travel Agents

· Travel Clubs

· Used Car Dealers

· Vitamin / Herbal Sales

· Vacation Rentals